You know when everyone talks about the Thanksgiving nap? Where everyone eats turkey and then takes a snooze because of the Tryptophan in it?

To me: having relatives take a little nap is not something that will ruin a Thanksgiving.

But it does get rough when Uncle Jerry is in a bad mood after dinner. Why Uncle Jerry? Why? Well, it may be because some of the food he just ate is putting him in a bad mood.

According to Elite Daily, there are three Thanksgiving foods that can totally ruin your mood!

1. Pecan Pie -  I'm not a fan of this dish, but I know it's a very popular pie that people eat on Thanksgiving. It's one of those foods that have a lot of sugar and not a lot of nutrients, which can have a bad effect on your mood.

2. Cranberry sauce - This is another one that  don't touch on Thanksgiving. It's also on that high in sugar and doesn't have enough of the "good stuff" to make you feel good after eating it.

3. Mashed Potatoes -  Now this one is devastating to me. I am known as the mashed potato queen! They get put right in front of me because I eat them all and they are one of my favorite foods all year round, not just on Thanksgiving.

But, this article is saying that because they are loaded with carbs, it may make you feel sluggish and tired, and when people are sluggish and tired, most of the time, they are nasty!

The good news is, also according to Elite Daily, there are some Thanksgiving foods that boost your mood too! So, let's see if we can reverse that bad mood with the foods below!

1. Turkey - You know that tryptophan that makes you tired? Well, it can also make you feel happy!

2. Cheese -  It's good for your gut and when your belly has feel-good stuff in it, you feel good too, according to experts.

3. Spices (like cinnamon or cayenne pepper)- These will give you energy, reduce bloating and make you happier.

4. Load up on your veggies & make your plate colorful -  Kale & spinach are full of vitamins and minerals like folate, iron, and magnesium. Those can reverse the effects of feeling so full and tired.

Make sure you get a good combination of food on your plate to balance your mood this Thanksgiving. No one likes a grumpy pants.

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