No matter how many Thanksgivings you've spent on this earth, you will always have questions about the holiday. Whether it's about the food, the history of the holiday or you just wanna know when the football games are starting, Google's got you covered!

Data was gathered and although some states in the U.S. googled things like "how to cook a turkey," (Missouri) or "turkey trot" (West Virginia) but not New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they both want to know about the same thing! Both wanted to know if England celebrates Thanksgiving. (insert confused emoji here) It's interesting since we're considered New England states, do many people living in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have relatives and friends in England? Maybe? Otherwise, this is a very interesting thing to Google when it comes to Thanksgiving.

Check below to see what the other 48 states Google when it comes to this holiday.

Credit: Century Link
Credit: Century Link

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