According to, a food site named Twisted Food, is the one who posted the recipe and got everyone talking. It was supposed to be a barbecue chicken quesadilla, but when it was finished it looked like a deep dish pizza from Chicago.

A guy named Shay Spence, who is a food editor for People magazine decided he was going to try and make this viral recipe and he documented the entire thing on his Twitter. It was a very long process to make it but the end result wasn't as crazy gross as he thought it would be.


So, I think this pizzadilla recipe is one of those things that everyone was talking about because they thought it was weird, but now, they're so intrigued by it, they actually might wanna make it. I know that I'm kind of intrigued and thought about making it this weekend. But then I saw that the ingredients cost $80 and then I thought, "maybe not."

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