As of now, which is 7:42pm on November 4th 2020, we currently do not have a President. Ballots are still being counted and we honestly don't know when the big announcement will be. The entire country is pretty much on the edge of their seats waiting for official announcement of who our next leader will be for the next four years. I saw a meme online that said, "If you don't like who becomes President, at least you can be high for four years." Since it was just announced that New Jersey voters have voted YES to the use of recreational marijuana. We have just joined about 15 states who also have made the use of marijuana completely legal. Some New Jerseans have waited a long time for this.

According to the New York Post, people in New Jersey were very busy on their computers and phones today. What was Googled the most today, which is the morning after New Jersey voters have just voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana? That would be, "how to roll a joint." Yup, I am not kidding. When Google searches were analyzed today, there was about a 3,000% increase in searching  "how to roll a joint" over a four hour time period. Awesome. Maybe this will all calm us down a little bit. I think we can all use it.

Read more about The New York Post's findings here.

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