This is quite the title. New Jersey's Best New Italian Restaurant for 2022 has been named by New Jersey Digest.

It's a little bit of a trip, north of the Mercer County area, but, it sounds like it's well worth the drive. It's called Fiorentini and it's on Park Avenue in Rutherford.

The writer, Peter Candia, describes it with such great detail, it makes me want to jump in the car and go tonight. Lol.

When you arrive, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the greenery that decorates the entrance. It certainly makes it stand out from anything else around it, I'm sure.

Inside, there are pretty lights hanging from more greenery. It's beautiful.

The owners, Antonio and Brenda De Ieso, are originally from Florence, Italy and they wanted their restaurant to have the vibe from their region. I love it. They both worked in the restaurant and event planning business in New York City, which prepared them for this new restaurant journey in New Jersey.

The pasta is handmade. Many of the meats, fish and produce are locally produced. De Ieso loves to cook with what's in season, according to the article.

This summer, he's creating dishes with Jersey corn, tomatoes and watermelon, scallops from Point Pleasant and more, making this restaurant a farm to table experience.

You'll be able to see your dishes prepared in the immaculate open kitchen. It has a gorgeous, inviting marble top.

The writer assures us this is not your ordinary Italian food that you'll find at the chain restaurants, this is authentic, fabulous cuisine. They'll host your next event too.

I'm not doing it justice, read the complete article here.

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