Have you been to Hamilton Marketplace lately? The back parking lot of Kohl's Department Store is being torn up, and it sounds like a new restaurant is on the way.

My daughter loves Chick fil A, so we're in Hamilton Marketplace quite a bit (I like the Old Navy there too), and the past few times we were there, we noticed digging equipment in the back of the Kohl's parking lot. Odd. What was going on?  I had my guesses, none of which were building a restaurant there. I thought maybe they were clearing dead shubbery or repairing the asphalt. Wrong.

My sister lives in Hamilton. I told her what I've seen and asked if she knew what was going on. She said the Hamilton Township Facebook groups were buzzing about the project and she read in one of the groups that the plans are hanging in the window of the old Pier One Imports store.  Mission BBQ: The American Way is coming to the parking lot area that's being dug up. Wow. There are only two other locations in southern New Jersey....Deptford and Marlton. Check out Mission BBQ's website by clicking here.

Other rumors are that Chick fil A is moving across the way to the vacant Ruby Tuesday restaurant, which would be great...the traffic wouldn't back up to Route 130 anymore. There's also talk that if Chick fil A moves, a Chipotle would go in that space. Another great idea...there's currently no Chipotle in Hamilton Township.

I'm anxious to see what actually happens in these spaces.

I'll keep you posted.

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