I know times are hard but damn! Is this the best we can do, New Jersey? Everyone has been talking about the Christmas tree that has been put up this year on Asbury Park's historic boardwalk. Usually, they put up a huge natural pine tree in the Grand Arcade at Convention Hall. It has been a tradition for many families for many years to visit the boardwalk and look at the magnificent tree with all of its lights. This year if you go, you'll be staring at a cardboard tree. Literally.

Some people like it, others think it's hideous...Like me. To be honest, I feel like I could have made that tree myself out of the cardboard boxes I have in my attic.

Now even though it looks like it was just thrown together, the people who made it actually put some work and thought into their creation. According to Local 21 News, the designers pulled elements from the beach and incorporated them into this Christmas tree. It also pays homage to the city of Asbury's musical heritage. According to Local 21 News, the tree is meant to be recycled after.

I was scrolling through Twitter trying to get a gauge on how Nee Jersey residents feel about the tree. Some say it looks like an Amazon package and others say it's not considered a Christmas tree because there are no lights.

Personally, I hate it. I see the revision, but I think the mark was missed entirely.

What do you think about cardboard Christmas trees?


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