I know everyone who has driven past this sign in the parking lot of the Lawrenceville Shopping Center has been thinking the same exact thing.

Will this gym that is supposedly coming to the shopping center ever officially be built? It’s been a few years now that Mercer County has been waiting for the arrival of the LA Fitness gym inside the Lawrenceville Shopping Center.

The announcement was made years ago right around the first COVID outbreak in 2020 and there still hasn’t been any progress made.

Of course, the intense parts of the COVID-19 Pandemic were hard on everyone, especially businesses, so, of course, there would be some delays in the process of this gym coming to the area.

Although it’s been a hard few years and everyone is just starting to return to their normal ways, will this LA Fitness ever see the light of day in Lawrence Township? I was really excited for this gym to come! You can never have enough gyms in the area and I feel that it will totally elevate the Lawrence Shopping Center.



Over the past few years, the shopping center has opened a ton of new spots and has really revamped the strip mall. A new Starbucks was built, 5 Below, Lidl, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Maximus Polish Cuisine, and Meatheadz Cheesesteaks have all moved into the shopping center before the gym has and I’m pretty sure the gym was announced before a few of these businesses!

So, what’s the holdup? The sign for the gym was removed a long time and was now officially put back up from my understanding and it reads “Coming Soon”, but is it true? I truly hope so! I think it’s perfect for that area!

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