It's been really hot lately and go prevent dehydration, experts say you must be drinking a ton of water to keep from passing out. I don't know about you, but once I have something to drink, I have to pee! Everyone knows this about me too, it's no secret. Sometimes I'll meet my friends at whatever location they tell me to, and then see that there are no bathrooms and find a Dunkin' or somewhere to go got the bathroom. So, this awesome list from, is something I have been waiting for!

This list, gives you the exact location of public restrooms in every Jersey Shore towns, which will make some people's lives much easier.

Of course the beach where my friends ALWAYS get a house at every year, Lavallette has no public bathrooms! Oh, and I'm going there on Sunday! Ugh! I understand, that maybe they want to keep their beaches for locals and rentals, but come on Lavallette, can't you throw us some porta potties?

Go to for the complete list! I have to say, this is a fantastic list! Especially for someone like me who drinks a lot of water while on the beach and has to pee every five seconds!

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