Travel & Leisure has named Gelato Dolceria in Haddonfield, The Best Ice Cream Shop in New Jersey. If you like italian desserts, you'll love Gelato Dolceria.

When I think about the best ice cream in the area, I don't think gelato (which is just the italian word for ice cream), but, after checking out Gelato Dolceria's website, I want to take a road trip to Haddonfield. It's made and imported from've got to check out all of their flavors....there's more than I expected. My mouth is watering thinking about the Sea Salt Caramel, the Peanut Butter, and the Gianduia, which is a chocolate hazelnut (like nutella, I'm guessing).  They also have italian pastries and authentic espresso.

Gelato Dolceria is owned by 2 friends, whose daughters went to school together, John Caiola and Mike Paletta. Together, they've created a step back into the old country. It's housed in a historic building in quaint, downtown Haddonfield, with old world'll feel like you're in Italy. There's cute, outdoor seating too.

Congratulations, Gelato Dolceria. I'll have to come check out your gelato soon.

They're located at 147 Kings Highway East in Haddonfield, NJ.

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