Growing up in New Jersey, I've always heard of different haunted places all over the state. Throughout the years, friends have told me about Cry Baby Bridge, the Jersey Devil living in the Pine Barrens, and stories about places like Gravity Hill where a ghost moves your car after putting it into neutral. Yet I have never heard about Clinton Road in NJ, which allegedly is the most haunted road in the country.

There are creepy sightings of stories like these legends:

- a phantom/ghost truck that tries to run drivers off the road

- the ghost of a little boy that drowned in the river below a bridge near Dead Man's Curve. Visitors can leave or throw a coin in the river and ghost boy will return the coin to the owner. Also some have reported that if you get too close to the edge of the bridge the ghost will push you off the edge.

- weird creatures roam the woods and some locals believe that they are animals who have crossbred after an attraction called Jungle Habitat closed down in the 1970s.

I even saw that Variety posted an article about an indie horror movie being created about this notorious road starring Ice-T appropriately titled, "Clinton Road."

You can learn more about the horror history and stories of Clinton Road in the video below and read more about them here

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