I am the biggest Halloween fan so when I heard the official Halloween bar crawl was coming back to Philly, I knew I had to get myself a ticket.

The 2023 Official Halloween Bar Crawl is Philly’s biggest bar event and it even has 3 dates for 2023! You’ll be able to dress up in your best costume and enjoy drinks at some of Philly’s best bars throughout the city.

This is the 8th annual Halloween bar crawl that “Bar Crawl LIVE!” has put on in Philadelphia.

"Forget what you thought you knew about Halloween; Horroween is here to redefine the rules. It's not just a bar crawl; it's a ticket to the best night of your life, one sip at a time. Daring to show off your scariest, sexiest, or downright silliest costumes? The Halloween Bar Crawl will bring you cheers, chills, thrills, and spills.”


Get ready to embrace the spooky season in the most fun atmosphere. It's all going down tomorrow for one final night!

You can go on Eventbrite now and purchase early bird general admission tickets for all three dates. Enjoy some spooky-themed drinks, costume contests, DJs, after parties, and the best part, free access to the bars included in the bar crawl, all for just $20!

This is an event that you can’t miss out on, especially if you’re a Halloween nut like me! Get more into and check out their official site, here. Happy spooky season!


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