A unique concept for a store just opened a new location in our area.

The Cup Grinders just opened their second location in Pennsylvania earlier this week, and it’s how they sell coffee that’s pretty different.

The entire store is dedicated to selling high-quality coffee cups, pods, and other single-serve coffee items. What’s different is that they allow customers to mix and match their purchases.

Only want two Starbucks coffee pods or you want to try a new flavor from the Cake Boss' coffee line or a cup of Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Roasts Coffee, but don’t want to buy a whole package? You can do that at Cup Grinders, apparently.

Their Bensalem store just opened at 2090 Street Road, and they’re open 7 days a week they say. They also operate a store in Philadelphia (at 1703 Grant Avenue in the Bustleton section of the city).

A sign outside of the just-opened Bensalem store says you can choose from over 400 varieties of K-Cups inside the new business. CupGrinders.com accepts online orders, by the way.

The store moved into a location where a similar business used to reside. One Cup Joe recently closed their Bensalem store, but they still operate a location near Hershey, PA, and they too accept online orders.

... So maybe it IS trendy to mix and match your K-Cup purchases? I guess I'll stop buying the same box at Target every week.

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