A new Wawa has been proposed in Newtown, but most local residents actually say they are not in favor of it being put on the bypass.

Locals say they gone to say that they really love Wawa, but don't want in their neighborhood.

Of course, the proposal wouldn't be just a food market type of Wawa, this would be super Wawa (with a gas station) as well.

Provco, the big investment group, is trying to make this happen one way or another while following all of the laws. The investment company is being asked to refine their zoning. This 16 fueling station Wawa is really being pushed to be built on the intersection of Lower Silver Lake Road and the Newtown Bypass.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Even though some residents have said that Newtown should not sell its heart and soul for gas and hoagies, others are frustrated because they don't see what the big fuss is with having a Wawa in town. Is having a gas sign on the bypass the big issue? Well, it kind of is for residents because it can cause a lot more traffic. They also want to keep the “immaculate” look in the Newtown area.

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Credit: Brian Blanco

Newtown has had a few robberies at the local 7-11 store and having a Wawa open 24 hours probably would not help keep the town safe. If you think about it, not all Wawa's with fuel stations are open 24 hours so that can't be the big issue here.

Just give Newtown Township some hoagies!

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