Have you ever gone to a sports game and seen your face on the Jumbotron only to realize that you have the Kiss Cam directed at you? If you’re with your romantic partner, that may not be a big deal, but if you’re with anyone else, it gets a bit awkward. Now, how about if you had a giant bottle of hand sanitizer pointed at you?

As we all know, arenas and venues are starting to open back up at limited capacity for sporting events and concerts. Well, an NBA team from Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks, is starting something new to promote healthy and COVID-conscious habits at games. CleanLink reports that the Bucks are doing away with the traditional “Kiss Cam” and instead, are starting “Hand Sanitizer Cam” at their home games.

According to CleanLink, the Hand Sanitizer Cam will be a much more mindful and healthy way to get fans interacting at the game. The Kiss Cam, which has been used for decades, is actually very unsanitary. Women’s Health Magazine is saying that a single kiss can transmit over 80 million bacteria! Fans at the games will now be instructed to put their hands in the air so that they can get a fake squirt of hand sanitizer from the jumbo screen.

This got me thinking, what ways, besides the infamous Kiss Cam, can Philly sports games use to encourage fan interaction? Maybe next there will be an Air Guitar Cam, or an Air High Five Cam. One thing I do know is that Philadelphia sports fans are itching to get back in and see their favorite players prove to the country why Philly is the best city around.


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