Could this be another step in the right direction for New Jersey Transit train commuters who have suffered through delays, cancellations, breakdowns, and trains being overcrowded? Yes!

I recently read on News 12 New Jersey that a new bill is being proposed to reimburse riders if their train is delayed. This is great news and an amazing way to possibly win back commuters and riders alike who have been frustrated with NJ Transit for months now. Though this bill is not in effect yet, it is headed to the Transportation Committee for consideration.

Of course, NJ Transit will not be giving the money back to all who experience these delays and cancellations:

The only way NJT will be giving reimbursements is if the train is delayed for at least an hour for a mechanical reason.

If the train is delayed due to weather, a shortage of engineers, or because of problems with another rail system (like Amtrak), they will not qualify for a ticket reimbursement.

I guess something is better than nothing. Fingers crossed that the new bill will be passed.

For more on this story see the video below:

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