Check your tickets. There's another big lottery winner in our area, according to Levittown Now, and it's not me. Boo. Lol.


The PA Lottery revealed earlier today that a winning Powerball ticket was recently sold at a gas station in Levittown. The ticket is worth a whopping $150,000. Wow, can you imagine?

The gas station where the winning ticket was sold is the Speedy Gas Mart on Mill Creek Road and Green Lane. That's so close. There's a good chance PST listeners get lottery tickets there. The winning ticket matched four out of the five white balls and the red Powerball. The numbers are 17-33-35-42-52 and the red Powerball is 9. The pot would have been worth $50,000, but, the winner bought Power Play for only $1.00, which tripled the winnings. Crazy. The gas station gets $500 for selling the winning ticket. The winner has one year to claim the prize. If you're the winner, the PA lottery suggests you sign the back of the ticket, quick. If I won, I'm sure I would believe it at first. I'd probably check the ticket 10 times. Lol.

This Powerball pot wasn't nearly as big as the recent $731.1 million pot, or the over $1 billion Mega Millions put, but, I have to say winning $150,000 would still be very, very exciting, don't you think?

What would you do with $150,000? It's not enough to retire, but, I could certainly pay off some bills, help family, and go on one heck of a vacation or buy my dream car, or a down payment on a place at the Jersey Shore.

Ahhh, to dream.

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