Another round of nasty wintry weather is expected today, but will it ACTUALLY affect your day?

Well, your drive to work this morning will be OK, but we have a county-by-county breakdown of today’s forecast. Forecasters warn that it will be pretty rough this afternoon as the height of the storm is expected around lunchtime.

Will I be OK driving to work on Wednesday? Yes, if you go in early. It’s the commute home that forecasters are worried about, according to Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

When will it start to snow? It will start snow between 9 am and 11 am across our area.

It will be snowing WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON across the area. Yes, it will be accumulating quite quickly, our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow explains.

What can I expect in my area?

Here’s a county-by-county breakdown from Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

Mercer County

—Winter Weather Advisory... 10 a.m. Wednesday to 1 a.m. Thursday
—First Flakes by... 10 a.m.
—Heavier Snow kicks in... 1 p.m.
—Transition to Wintry Mix begins... 4 p.m.
—Transition to Rain begins... 6 p.m.
—Total Snowfall... 2-4"

Burlington County

—Winter Weather Advisory... 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday
—First Flakes by... 10 a.m.
—Heavier Snow kicks in... Noon
—Transition to Wintry Mix begins... 4 p.m.
—Transition to Rain begins... 5 p.m.
—Total Snowfall... 2-4" northwest, 1-3" southeast

Will the snow stick? Yes.

So road conditions will get progressively sloppier as the afternoon goes on. By lunchtime, it could be pretty rough out there.

Will I be OK driving home from work? Wednesday evening’s rush hour commute looks quite messy. It could be dangerous, and you should expect serious delays on the roads.

Remember that snow storm in November? Yeah, the additional traffic could make it a tough ride tomorrow afternoon.

How much snow can we expect?
"IT IS NOT the amount (of snow) we will see, IT IS the timing! BAD BAD timing," according to 6 ABC's Adam Joseph. Adam says it's a "great day to stay home."

Here's the latest forecast map from our staff meteorologist Dan Zarrow for New Jersey:

Dan Zarrow, Townsquare Media
Dan Zarrow, Townsquare Media

As for Bucks County, the National Weather Service is predicting about 4" of snow across the area today:

Snow forecast for February 20, 2019
National Weather Service

When will it change to rain?  As noted in the county-by-county breakdown above, the precipitation will change to rain in the evening (sometime after 5 pm), It will rain heavily overnight. So you won’t need to shovel as it will probably mostly wash away.

Will Thursday morning’s commute be affected? It’ll be rainy and windy across our area early Thursday, but you should be good to go to work and school.

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