Fox 29 reported about a woman in a Philly neighborhood who is making masks, putting them in plastic ziploc bags and them hanging them on a tree. Why is she doing this? Because she wants to stop the spread of COVID-19. She buys the masks on Amazon and loads up the tree outside her house in Kensington. Then once the mask tree is empty, she replenishes it. She told Fox 29 that she's been having to replenish the tree very often. Darlene started the mask tree and a day after, her daughter tested positive for the coronavirus. So this is hitting close to home for her and she wants to do whatever she can to make sure people stay safe during this pandemic.

You can make donations to Darlene to help her cause by contacting her via email at You can see the news coverage of Darlene by Fox 29 by clicking here.

There is nothing that makes me happier than when people are kind to one another. When this pandemic started and I was seeing anyone who could sew making masks and giving them away, to anyone who could use them and it warmed my heart. Now, retailers everywhere as well as independent owners are selling them, and I have not found them to be in short supply anywhere. However, for those who don't have the resources, or the money for that matter, it's nice to know there are people like Darlene Burton in the world. She's willing to dedicate her time and hard earned money to put those masks out there and I hope people in her neighborhood greatly appreciate it.

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