Hollywood has officially made its way over to Pennsylvania. The reason why we say this is because the world famous Pink's Hot Dog just opened in King Of Prussia Mall. This is their first east coast location and its fairly close to us.

According to 6abc, Pink’s released a statement saying, "The first east coast location will pay tribute to the success and tastiness of Pink's hot dogs for the Philadelphia community."

Pink's Hot Dog had its official grand opening today (02/22) with "pink carpet hot dog topping ceremony." 6abc reported that the son of the founder of Pink's Hot Dog was on site during the grand opening along with the current president of the company.

Flying out to LA can get a little pricey and it’s so not worth paying all that for a hot dog. Now, that there's a Pink's at King of Prussia Mall you can enjoy a Chili Cheese Dog or a Mushroom Swiss Cheese Dog. Yup, those are some of their famous hot dogs.

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