I think we've all ben in situations where we see someone wearing something and we just turn our heads and wonder "what they were thinking?"

Well, there's a new beach towel trend this year you may start seeing pop up all over the Jersey Shore this summer. Last year the trend was round towels. So this year, get ready for the Towelkini:

It's a $199 towel that allows you to cover yourself up with something that looks like a Snuggie, and it's made with a towel material. It's basically a bathing suit with slots for your arms and legs. You can even tan your back!

This may be perfect for the pool or the beach to lay down on the sand. For $200 I feel like you can make your own, or find it cheaper, but it's a cute idea:

Chris & The Crew had a discussion about it this morning and Chris seemed to love the idea:

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