During this pandemic, many people have thanked health care workers and police officers for their hard work. Some essential workers that are often under-appreciated are those that work for grocery stores.

While the pandemic has been making it tough for many, employees at the ShopRite in Yardley have been trying to help fight hunger in our communities. According to Bucks Local News, ShopRite associates that have been trying to fight hunger are going to be featured on Cheerios cereal boxes. We learned that it is a total of 100 associates who will be on the Cheerios boxes.

This is not the first time this happens. Cheerios has limited edition cereal boxes every year which thank associates for trying to fight hunger. ShopRite in Yardley has collected "$1 million for regional food banks," according to Bucks Local News. It was also stated that a campaign called Hunger Action Month back in September is how the money was collected.

If you purchase a Cheerios cereal box from ShopRite in Yardley and notice a familiar face don't be shocked. As a matter of fact, you should thank them for their hard work and for contributing to ending hunger in our community.

The cool thing was that to be featured on the legendary Cheerios cereal box ShopRite had to be a part of a friendly competition that happens every year called "ShopRite Partners In Caring Cheerios Contest."

You can also find employees on the ShopRite website where they are thanked for all of their hard work to stop hunger.

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