Fun fact. Yesterday, January 6 2020 was dubbed as Divorce Day. Millions of couples across the county have filed or inquired about filling for divorce specifically on this day. In fact, every first Monday of the year is called Divorce Day. Why? Because a number of family lawyers have noticed a significantly high number of couples inquiring about leaving their partners.

"It's the day where couples who were tolerating each other during the intense holiday season decide that they want to start the new year afresh," breakup coach Cherlyn Chong told Insider, "resulting in a surge of divorce inquiries to Google search and divorce lawyers alike."

Now it may seem weird that so many people want to end their marriage at the same time, but some of the reasons actually make sense. According to Insider,a lot of parents simply want to give their children one last holiday together. Other times one spouse might feel guilty abut ending things among-st the holiday hustle and bustle and want to wait until the festivities are over to call it quits.

Jnauary Blues can also play a major factor as well.  "One spouse might question their whole life because they have been triggered by the January blues," Chong said. "However, if you want to file for divorce, that's usually something that has been brewing for a while in the marriage, and the January blues will just urge you into action."

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