Public drinking will be allowed on the Atlantic City Boardwalk starting this Friday, June 12th, and will remain in place until restaurants and bars are open once again for indoor seating.

According to

Open containers and public consumption will be allowed on the boardwalk between Sovereign Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue, and non-residential areas of Gardner’s Basin. That area can be expanded during special events, the executive order says.

The only catch is that you can NOT bring your own alcohol. It has to be purchased from licensed establishments near or within the zones allowed.

Just recently, Seaside Heights Boardwalk cracked down on public drinking on the boardwalk.

When Seaside officials allowed restaurants and bars to sell alcohol to go, people thought you were able to walk on the boardwalk and enjoy an ice-cold beverage, but officials said no. Alcoholic beverages must be taken home, or back to your hotel room.

People caught drinking on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk could face fines of more than $1000.

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