First, there was Chase.  Then, there was Derby.  Next came Rookie.  And now, the Trenton Thunder is welcoming their newest "bat dog" and you can help name him.

If you don't know what we're talking about, then you've never been to a Trenton Thunder game and experienced the joy of watching a golden retriever "retrieve" bats used by Thunder players.

According to the Thunder, the tradition of using a "bat dog" started with a pup named Chase in 2002.  Eight years later, Chase's son, Derby, joined his dad and the pair worked together until Chase's passing in 2013.

In 2015, Rookie became the 3rd generation of "bat dogs" and now, another golden retriever puppy is training to help keep the tradition alive for years to come.

That puppy's name is...  Well, that's the thing. the puppy doesn't have a name yet.  The Thunder want your help in choosing the name.  The choices are Dug (as in "dugout"), Dash (as in "dash to home plate"), Scout (as in "Scout That"), Bronx (as in "Bronx Bomber"), and Ace (as in "Ace of the Staff").

You can choose one of those, or suggest your own, here.

The Thunder will kick off the 2020 season on April 9 at ARM & HAMMER Park.


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