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Applications are now being accepted for a spot in Bensalem's community garden.

My mother would love this, too bad she lives in Boston. So, this is super cool if you're into gardening, like my mother. You can apply for a plot in the 2019 Bensalem Community Garden.

This community garden has been a very short and fun tradition that started back only two years ago in 2017. I personally think it's really cool because residents of Bensalem can get their hands dirty in some soil and really produce some beautiful flowers, plants and food.

So, what's awesome is that the Bensalem Community Garden has gotten so popular it has expanded from 30 plots to 60 plots, so if you apply you have a great shot at getting selected this year. Basically, how they chose applicants is, your name gets thrown into a lottery and chose at random.

One thing that kind of sucks is that you do have to pay a fee (but in all honesty, it's really not that bad). The first year plot is $50 and $25 each year after.

So good luck, if you're thinking about applying. Here is the link to enter.

The garden opens May 11th this year at 4301 Richlieu Rd.

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