Have you ever lost your luggage while traveling? I never have, but I know plenty of people who did and it is so stressful. My mom has always told me to keep an extra change of clothes and even a bathing suit if we were going somewhere tropical in my carry on, that way if my luggage was lost, I'd still have something to hold me over. That's the worst because you want to start your vacation asap! I mean, if you've seen Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller, you know, it's something that can ruin your entire trip.

Yes, Gaylord Focker made a lot of mistake on his trip to meet his girlfriend's parents, but losing his luggage may have put him over the edge and caused him to be very grumpy on his plane ride home. Anyways, most people claim their luggage, but apparently there is a huge store in Alabama that resells people's unclaimed luggage. This seems totally weird to me, but apparently it's legal. According to Travel & Leisure, there is a 90 day tracing period where passengers have that time to find and claim their luggage. If it's not claimed by that time, Unclaimed Baggage buys those bags and resells what's inside of those suitcases to the public. Until recently, Unclaimed Baggage just had a big warehouse, but now they actually have an online store. Yeah, you just have to go to their website, UnclaimedBaggage.com, and you can browse thousands of items, some of them very unique. Prices vary by products, but most of them aren't cheap, so it's like consignment, but a more expensive version of it.

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