Delish reports that Oreos can now be customized. You can order Oreos online now and you can choose the color of your creme, add pictures, add messages and even sprinkles. These all look amazing. You can choose from 8 different creme colors and they will all taste like the traditional creme. I know some people are not a fan of the many different creme flavors that Oreo has put out in the past. You can also add a picture to your Oreos, or text, you can have your cookies dipped and even add sprinkles. Prices vary depending on what you want, but they average about $20 for a box of Oreos with a different creme color and about $50 for a box of Oreos that have text, a picture or toppings added to them. Not bad is you're using them as a party favor. To order your customized Oreos just click here.

Anyone who knows me, knows that Oreos are my absolute favorite cookie in the entire world. Some people like homemade cookies, I am an Oreo girl. Oreos and milk is my go-to sweet snack, which I have had to cut back on significantly since I've been on my new diet. But I have to tell you, when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't get enough of my Oreos and milk. It was so yummy. I love the fact that Oreos can now be customized with different color creme, sprinkles and even adding pictures and text to them. These are the perfect party favor. I've been to parties where I've gotten customized M&M's with someone's face on it or a cute little message and I like M&M's but not as much as I lover Oreos. I think I found the party favor for my son's first birthday.

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