Have you ever wanted to be an extra in a movie? I know I have, but I haven't really found an opportunity here in New Jersey. I'm not going to fly out to California to be an extra in a major motion picture. I don't have any time for that, and you probably don't have the time either. But if you're like me and have always wanted to be an extra in a movie, AND you were a big fan of The Sopranos show, well, today is your lucky day!

According to NJ.com, you could be an extra in the new Sopranos movie... today. All you have to do is show up at Express Newark, which is at 54 Halsey Street in Newark and go up to the second floor and the flier is saying that it'll be 6-9pm. They need men, women and children.

Credit: Newark Office of Film and Television

The Many Saints of Newark, which is going to be a prequel to The Sopranos movie and television series focusing on the early years of Tony Soprano, is going to start filming in Newark on May 6th-8th. The film is set to appear in theaters in 2020.

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