With the warmer weather and the fact that we've all been stuck inside because of coronavirus, tons of people are super excited to get outdoors. As soon as I saw the temperatures hit the upper 50's, I've been riding my bike and taking long walks with my family. I have been staying away from crowds, as I am still a little nervous about contracting coronavirus, but my husband and I are starting to see some family and close friends, but taking extra precautions. We sit outside, try to limit contact and do not share utensils or drinks. Especially because the Fourth of July is coming, I think a lot of people are wondering if they can have a backyard barbecue, so I did a little research and Delish talked to an expert on the subject.

Here's some tips that she had. 

  • Keep the group gathering small. More people means more exposure.
  • Stay outside and even put the food outside. (I've even heard of people renting porta potties so no one goes in their house.)
  • Be careful of shared food, shared condiments and things like that. Make sure tongs are put out so people can handle food items safely.
  • Do a BYOB, so people aren't sharing punch or cups (For years, we've always put out a marker for people to mark their cups.)
  • Put hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes out for all the use if they want.

Obviously, you're at risk for coronavirus no matter what. Health officials say that everyone should be wearing a mask whenever they leave their house. So I want to make it clear, that these tips are from an expert and I am just stating what she said. Everyone is free to do what they like as far as summer barbecues go.

There are more tips and info about this expert here.

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