Many people have obviously not been able to get their full workout routine in because of the quarantine. Because of that, so many people have cancelled their expensive gym memberships and just are trying to stay fit at home.

A South Jersey gym owner has a different tactic on how to help other businesses succeed in his community. According to 6ABC, Anthony Capozzoli, the owner of Smart Bodies which is a personal training gym, has been struggling to have his business flourish like it usually does. He started holding classes via Zoom, but had a twist on how he was going to have his members pay for his instruction. Capozzoli asked his clients to donate however much money they want to, and it will go to a struggling business or charity of their choice.

"I just thought that would be a great idea at a time when people could look out for each other. We could just keep helping the community and every week we just picked a different charity," said Capozzoli.

According to 6ABC, he and his clients have donated to Moorestown Community House, Animal Welfare Association, and Capozzoli’s own family business’ employees. "We took it upon ourselves to make it a donation to all the bartenders at Ray's 'Happy Birthday' Bar. We were looking out for not just communities around us but also people in need."

Gyms are up in the air about all the specific safety precautions they are taking to reopen, but we are confident that Capozzoli will be helping relieve the stress of so many business owners.


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