One thing you should never mess with is the Philadelphia Eagles or else their fans will come for you. The Birds have one of the most faithful fanbases. These fans grow up having this passion for the team.

8-year-old Philip Pio is a perfect example of being a big Eagles fan at a young age. shared a video of the young fan that had a complaint about the time the football team was playing during Sunday Night Football.

In the video, Pio mentioned that he is not happy with the time of the games because kids, and maybe some adults, need to go sleep. "Hey NFL, I need to ask you a really serious question. Why are you doing the Eagles vs. Cowboys game at night? I mean, it's terrible." The young fan also said, “It's not fair to the kids and everybody else, they might need to go to sleep."

6abc mentioned that the father of the young fan was the one that came up with the idea of complaining to the NFL about the time that the Sunday Night Football games start.

If you think about it, the kid is not wrong. Bedtime on Sundays can be early for many kids. I remember my bedtime being at 8:30p I would have never been able to watch the game.

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