Zayn Malik grabbed some dinner in our area tonight (March 24). In past interviews, Zayn has made it known that he has been roaming around the Bucks County streets. Gigi Hadid's mom has a farm in Doylestown, PA which Zayn and Gigi often spend time at they've said.

The couple plans on raising their child in Bucks County. So just recently, Zayn and Gigi purchased their own home in Bucks County.

They seem to be currently staying on the farm as Zayn grabbed some dinner at Piccolo Trattoria in Doylestown Wednesday night.

The daughter of the owner of Piccolo Trattoria shared in an Instagram Live that the former One Direction singer has been to the restaurant multiple times before and is somewhat of a regular.

Zayn Malik even told the Piccola Trattoria owner that he loves their food and it was not his first time there. The restaurant employees, however, have not noticed that he's come in before they've said.

From what we were told by the daughter of the owner of Piccola Trattoria is that "Zayn Malik was such a sweetheart" to her and her family. After the singer was all done with his dinner he was more than willing to take pictures with the fans, including the owner's daughter.

Gigi Hadid sat out on the dinner outing. She was most likely at home with their new baby. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid welcomed their very first daughter about 6 months ago.

Now if you are in the Bucks County area you have to make sure you keep an eye out for Zayn Malik and his cute little family.

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