I remember when the pandemic started and we all were missing our family and friends so much, virtual video chats became extremely popular. My friends and I were using House Party, because they had games and all kinds of stuff and we had a good time on it. I know some people resorted to using other apps, and when I talked to my Mom and family, we used Facebook messenger and I would always start the call. It made things a lot easier. I never found Zoom that easy to use, but I know so many people that did.

Good Morning America reported that yesterday Zoom, So, if Zoom wasn't working correctly for you yesterday, It wasn't just you, there was an actually outage. I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. When the pandemic started, many people were using Zoom to connect with friends and family. It's crazy that yesterday was the first day it crashed. However, now that many companies and schools have gone completely virtual, this outage effected more than just a virtual happy hour with friends. Right around 9am, the issues started and Zoom confirmed that they were experiencing issues. The outage lasted about 3 and a half hours, in which time, schools, businesses and even court systems who were all using it issued statements as well. They are not back up and running, but with it's popularity, who knows when it will go down again.

For more info on the outage, you can check out this article from Good Morning America.


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