Hot Wings are so very popular for an appetizer or a dinner.

I see the sweat pouring down my husband's face. I just can't believe someone puts themselves through this. Every time we go out with friends, wings are on the table. Celery and ranch and hot, hot, hot wings.

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If I was to go for wings I go for the bbq or honey bbq. Never ever the hot wings.

bhofack2, Getty Images
bhofack2, Getty Images

What makes a great hot wing? If you sweat, that's the answer I get. I didn't realize there was a difference between buffalo wings and hot wings, but hot wings are the wings that will make you sizzle. I guess buffalo wings do the same thing depending on the sauce, but if you like the hot, I have the "best" list at the Jersey Shore for the "hot" wings.

Buffalo wings are not as spicy and are made with ingredients not quite as hot as a hot wing. Hot wings are made from a spicy blend of cayenne pepper, vinegar, salt, and other ingredients that restaurants use to make them spicy. Usually, when I see hot wings and know they're hot, they are "red".

Many of these hot wing places have their own special sauces that add to their heat. When you go into a wing restaurant you can check out the appetizers and the different sauces for their hot wings.

I guess if there's anything on the menu like hot, sizzling hot, mouth-watering, literally - you'll see the hot wings.

10 Best Hot Wing Places at the Jersey Shore, Chosen By You

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