Even though Bucks County has entered the green phase, that does not mean that event organizers feel any safer holding events. Many of them are still deciding to cancel some events. One event that was officially canceled on Facebook was the 2020 Yardley Beer and Wine Fest. It was made clear in the very first line of the Facebook post where it said, "Sorry, but the 2020 Yardley Beer and Wine Fest is now canceled."

The Yardley Beer and Wine Fest was supposed to happen in October but due to the coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, the organizers have been forced to cancel the event. If you've never been to the Yardley Beer and Wine Fest just know that there are usually hundreds of people at one location. As mentioned on Facebook by Yardley Beer and Wine Fest, the event is " in a social and enjoyable environment" that can't be done at the moment. 

One of the major reasons for the decision to cancel the event was because it would be tough for staff members to keep up with the proper and "increased standards of hygiene and security" to be able to conduct the event in the safest way possible.


The organizers of the Yardley Beer and Wine Fest are already working ahead and looking forward to 2021. Hopefully, by then the social distancing guidelines will have loosened up a bit. In the Yardley Beer and Wine Fest Facebook post, it was mentioned that the new date will be Saturday, May 8, 2021.

Yardley Beer and Wine Fest also stated on Facebook, "Our priority has to be that we take the correct decision now to ensure that all of you will be fit and well and able to attend the 2021 Yardley Beer and Wine Festival."

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