The owners of the very popular La Stalla Italian restaurant in Newtown are opening a new place not too far away, according to Philly Voice.

La Grange, A French Restaurant, Is Coming to Yardley, Pa.

The new eatery, which will be named La Grange, is a more casual French restuarant.

It will be in the new Prickett Town Center in Yardley (that's across from Shady Brook Farm) on Stony Hill Road.

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There's an old, beautiful stone barn on the property that will be renovated to house the new restaurant.

Sound familiar?  That's because their other establishment, La Stalla, is also in an old, historic renovated barn. That's the Lovett Barn in Newtown, Pa.

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"La Grange will be to French what La Stalla is to Italian - casual but with stylish and chic food and ambiance," the eateries' owner, Mark Masso, told the PhillyVoice.

Work has yet to begin so it may be a while, but I'll let you know when it will be opening.

A New Duck Donuts Is Coming to Yardley, Pa

It was also just announced that Duck Donuts has signed a lease for the new town center in Yardley, PA. It will be located next to Firebirds Woodfired Grill, which is also planned for the shopping center.

The iconic donuts that originated in North Carolina have expanded north now with 17 locations throughout PA and 8 in New Jersey. There's not one too far from Prickett Preserve in Levittown.

Plus, of course, we've all been watching the construction on a Wegmans grocery store in the area. We recently updated you on that to tell you that it now has a scheduled opening date of March 20th, 2024. 

Shady Brook Farm Announces Plans to Downsize

Shady Brook Farm, across the street from Prickett Preserve, recently announced they'll be downsizing and will transition into the entertainment part of Prickett Preserve.

It won't be light out for the farm though. They tell us that they plan to continue the unWINEd summer concert series, Fall Fest, and some form of their iconic holiday light show. You can click here for more details on the farm's future.

There's certainly been a lot of progress happening at Prickett Preserve. It's a mix of retail stores, restaurants, and apartments on Stony Hill Road in Yardley.

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