19 years old and just getting started! 24kGoldn sat down for a Zoom interview with PopCrush on PST’s Kayla Thomas and talked about girls, making music, and more!

His song, Mood, has taken over TikTok, and earned him a Top 5 Billboard hit. 24kGoldn, whose real name is Golden, says that he added the 24k to his name because “24 karats is the purest form of gold, and me doing music is being the most pure form of myself”. New to fame, the singer shared that  the craziest thing that a fan has done to get his attention was crack an egg on his head on Instagram live with thousands of viewers. He talks about making the XXL freshman list, who he was impressed by, and who he made friends with.

Goldn also discussed that the best TikTok he saw to Mood involved a shoe with a hole in where the big toe is, and how the Billboard hit came to be. Goldn says that when he heard the beat “without even thinking about it I just started singing ‘why you always in a mood’” and the rest is history! He also shared how he gets himself into a good ‘mood’ by swimming or being in nature, and that, girls brace yourselves because he is, in fact, “single and ready to mingle”.


He also revealed what’s coming next, the name of his debut album, and hinted at some awesome potential features. Stay tuned in 2021!

Most importantly Goldn made sure to remind fans to vote and that becoming the artist of one of the most popular songs in the world at age 19 is “only unbelievable if you never believe in the first place”.

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