Either we are buying scratch-off lottery tickets at the wrong locations or we're just not lucky at all. But hey, we are still happy for the new millionaire in the Philadelphia area.

3cbs Philly recently reported that in North East Philadelphia there was a 3 million dollar ticket sold at L&P Express located in Crescentville.

Credit: PA Lottery
Credit: PA Lottery

After seeing the kind of ticket that this person played to win 3 million dollars, it automatically hit us that we are playing the wrong amount. The ticket that got this lucky person 3 million dollars cost them $30 and the name of the scratch-off ticket was "$3 Million Limited."

We have very good news for you . . . there are still more "$3 Million Limited" scratch-off tickets in Pennsylvania that can get you 3 million dollars. There are 4 remaining according to the PA Lottery website.

Here are the exact amounts that remain according to the PA Lottery;

  • $3,000,000 = 4 Wins Remaining
  • $300,000 = 8 Wins Remaining
  • $10,000 = 22 Wins Remaining
  • $1,000 = 3557 Wins Remaining
  • $500 = 7752 Wins Remaining
  • $300 = 35343 Wins Remaining

Well, we are off to find the other 3 million dollar winners.  Good luck to you if you are trying to find it in the area also.

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