A winning lottery ticket, worth over $1 million, was sold recently in Yardley, PA, according to Levittown Now. Wow.

Check your tickets. If you bought a ticket for the Pennsylvania Lottery's Diamond Mine game Friday morning (Friday, April 9th) at the Wawa on South Main Street in Yardley Borough, you could be the big winner. Can you imagine? How exciting.

The winning ticket is worth $1,291,156.50 to be exact. The winner hasn't come forward yet. I think I'd probably have to digest that news for a little while too. Lol. Here's some advice for the winner...sign the back of the ticket ASAP and put it in a safe place until you call the PA Lottery commission (1-800-692-7481), so no one can get their hands on your winnings.

What would you do with the money if you were the winner?  I would love to help people in need with some of the money. Did you hear what Shaquille O'Neal did down in Atlanta? He walked into a jewelry store, overheard a man working out a payment plan for an engagement ring, slapped his credit card down, and paid for the guy's ring. Wow. I want to do that. I want to see people smile too, Shaq. Lol.

I've gotten a small bite from the lottery bug lately, as I've been playing the NJ Lottery for my dad during the pandemic. I love gambling with his money. Lol. He's on a winning streak lately with the scratch off tickets...he won $30 yesterday on the newest big sheet...the red one...I was so happy. I hope it continues, and he wins a bigger pot soon. ;)

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