Easter Weekend is here! And for the first time in two years, this one feels like it'll actually be back to normal again. Especially with the weather getting nice again, we're going to be seeing people gathering for Easter egg hunts, family dinners, church-going, brunch outings., etc.

And this year, these cities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, are among the BEST in the whole country to celebrate Easter!

WalletHub just conducted a new study ranking 100 of the largest cities in the U.S. across 13 key metrics to calculate which are the best to celebrate Easter at in 2022. Factors measured included the number of churches, the number of chocolate stores and florists, and the weekend forecast And here's where these PA and NJ cities ranked!

#1 Pittsburgh PA

THE BEST for celebrating Easter this year is in Pennsylvania! Whoo! Pittsburgh ranked top 5 in "Most Churches Per Capita", "Highest Christian Population Percentage" and  "Most Candy and Chocolate Stores Per Capita."

#14 Newark NJ

Newark NJ coming in top 20! Pretty good! It ranks #3 for the amount of Christian observers, however it came in at #83 in the weather rankings. So it may not be perfectly bright and sunshiny, but that's okay!

#25 Philadelphia PA

Philly coming in at the top half of the list is okay with me! It ranked at #18 in the "Easter Traditions" category. Sounds about right; Philadelphia is full of tradition! In fact, HERE'S a cool Easter event happening at the Wells Fargo Center!

That's not to say celebrating Easter in some other cities will be bad, per say. At the very bottom of the list was Las Vegas, NV, (gee, I wonder why), and as everyone knows, you can always find a good time there no matter what day it is!

Check out the full WalletHub chart below!

Source: WalletHub


But no matter where you are, have a wonderful fun holiday weekend!

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