It's a hotly debated topic: What are the different regions of New Jersey? 

Many of us could even argue just how many regions there are in New Jersey. Is it really just as simple as North and South Jersey? Does Central Jersey even exist? And if so, where is it and where exactly does it begin and end?

Greetings from New Jersey - Photo: TSM Illustration
Greetings from New Jersey - Photo: TSM Illustration
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These are questions that we could literally go round and round with forever. But I just found something that I think sums up the mystical land of New Jersey in the most succinct, clean, simple way possible!

I came across a video on my TikTok feed by user @jerseysbest, a page that is aptly dedicated to everything New Jersey, including top trip destinations, activities, and other popular topics in New Jersey. You should totally check her out!

Credit: TikTok @jerseysbest1
Credit: TikTok @jerseysbest1

So we're back to the question how many regions there are in New Jersey. Most people might say there's two - North Jersey and South Jersey. Some may say there's three: North Jersey, South Jersey, and the hotly-debated Central Jersey.

BUT! Consider this: There are 4 regions in New Jersey. North Jersey, South Jersey, Central Jersey...and the Jersey Shore. Yes, we're counting the Jersey Shore as its own dang region - regardless of where certain areas are technically situated, geographically.

This girl explains it so well, and it's the best description of New Jersey's regions I've heard yet. This is now the only theory I acknowledge when it comes to this topic. Check out the TikTok video for yourself down below!

What do you think? Do you agree with this take or not? Let us know in the comments!


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