Whether you’re an Eagles fan or not, you’re probably a Kelce fan. I can confidently say it’s been the year of the ‘Kelces’ and I think it’s pretty awesome that we get to experience some awesome Jason Kelce content happening right in our backyard in Philadelphia.

Of course, he’s loved by Eagles fans everywhere, but he’s just one of those guys that the media can’t seem to get enough of.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
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You’re either waiting for Jason and Travis to post another episode of their New Heights podcast each week or maybe you’re just watching him on the field with The Eagles every Sunday.

I think the part everyone loves the most about Jason is that it just feels like we’re watching our friends on TV or social media. He seems like a super chill and down to earth type of guy and we love to root for him.

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Since it’s been the year of the Kelces, here are 5 times that Jason Kelce has been the most iconic person in the room.


#5 - Hyping Up The Crowd At The Phillies Game

Although Jason is an Eagle, he just loves the city of Philadelphia. He and his brother Travis were spotted chilling out at the Phillies game last season and Jason always knows how to get the crowd going. The Phanatic + Jason Kelce = a dynamic duo.


#4 - Chugging Beer Down The Shore

Jason was hanging in Sea Isle City this summer and was getting challenged to beer-chugging competitions with fans to raise money for the Eagles Autism Foundation.


#3 - Bills Mafia Tailgate in Buffalo 

Jason was recently seen supporting his brother Travis when the Cheifs played the Bills this past weekend in Buffalo, New York. Jason was in part of the tailgate, hanging in the stands with the fans with his shirt off chugging beers and just being an overall legend.


#2 - Iconic Game Day Fits 

We all know that Jason is the king of game day fits, but not for the reason you may think. It’s a trend that athletes love to dress up on game days in suits, designer clothes, etc. Jason takes a different approach and we love him for it.


#1 - Eagles Victory Speech 

This is without a doubt Jason Kelce’s most iconic moment. After the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018, Jason gave an iconic victory speech in his Mummers outfit that made everyone obsessed with him. Watch the full video here.

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