Oh, how I miss the tooth fairy giving me free money. Can't say it was easy money because the pain of removing the tooth along with all of the tears made that whole process extremely tough. I don't remember what I spent the money that the tooth fairy gave me on but a young girl from Upper Southampton will never forget what she did with her tooth fairy money.

According to Patch.com, Ryleigh Favro who recently lost a tooth is doing an extremely good deed with the money that the tooth fairy left under her pillow. Favro and her mother started a fundraiser to help those that are in need of food and are homeless. It was stated on Patch.com that the money raised will go towards United Way of Bucks County.

The interesting part of Ryleigh Favro's tooth fairy is that she actually goes to multiple locations to leave money for Favro and gave her a total of $45 to start the fundraiser. Patch.com mentioned that Favro's tooth fairy was "at home as well as at grandma and great-grandma's houses."

That is a generous tooth fairy is you ask me. My tooth fairy gave me $5 and that was it.

We learned from Patch.com that the young kind-hearted kid told her mom, "I want to buy a toy, but I want to save my money and give it to the world to make it a better place."

The fundraiser created by Ryleigh Favro and her mom is a Facebook fundraiser and the goal is to raise $1,500.

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