The coronavirus pandemic looked like it was getting better and things were opening up again. Then some schools started opening up down south and closing within a week or two because of coronavirus exposure and cases. What a bummer! Just when we thought life would go back to a somewhat normal, we take a step back and close things back up. We've had an extremely large number of people who have died from the virus, our economy has taken a hit because of all the closures, and there have been countless things that we've had to miss out on because of the pandemic. Thankfully some events and businesses have been able to function outside, but looking forward to the coming months, what is going to happen to say Halloween?

We live in an area where there are haunted hayrides, haunted houses, mazes and all kinds of things to do in the fall to get in the Halloween spirit. However, due to how quickly the virus can spread, those may not be happening this year. Now I came across this video and article on and there's a pretty interesting haunted attraction in Japan. It's a Drive-in haunted house where people can get scared, but they'll be sitting in their own cars and at a safe distance from actors. It's run by a production company and actors who have taken a huge hit during this pandemic due to the fact that no one is going to go to a haunted house during this time. It's $75 a car, but if you've got a bigger car, you can fit a bunch of people in there and split the cost. You pull into a garage and the horror begins. Actors come all around the car to scare the passengers and they even wipe off the fake blood at the end for you.

Check out how it all comes together in the Youtube video below.

This is something that should totally come to New Jersey! For more info about this drive thru haunted house in Japan, check out this article from UPI.

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