An Atlantic County resident has reportedly been bitten by a rabid raccoon on his property.

The man was bitten earlier this month and it has officially been confirmed as of July 25th that the raccoon was indeed rabid.

That is super scary. If this happened to me, I'd freak out.

According to, the man was trying to get the raccoon off of his property in Mullica when he realized that the animal was acting disoriented which is basically means it's rabid.

At that point, he should have ran because now he's seriously paying for it.

The man and his cat have been recommended to be treated for post-exposure rabies "and be placed under a 45-day informal confinement," say

Rabies is super infectious and travels from animal to animal through broken skin and saliva.

The local police department advises residents that if you come in contact with any wild animal on your property call animal control to remove the animal.




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