A new outdoor dining area is being added to the Philadelphia Zoo this week.

The zoo said that this Saturday the area will open and will be complete with food trucks, wine and beer.

I don't know about you, but I love this!

I keep on talking about visiting the zoo ever since I wrote a blog about the LEGO 'Creatures of Habitat' exhibit, so outdoor dining area is making me even more eager to go. Plus I've always wanted to see the Big Cat Crossing.

Philly Voice says, "The space will seat more than 200 people and offer three food trucks serving food like paninis, wraps, and some vegetarian options."

With the warmer weather approaching this spring (like today's sweet high of 78 degrees) this might be something you might want to mark down on your calendar to do. I know I am, plus I just don't do the zoo in summer it's way to hot for me ...



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