Move over, Mods Up CBD shop! It's time to make way for more pizza in Marlton!

If you've ever been to the Plaza 73 Shops in Marlton New Jersey, you know exactly where I'm talking about. You've most likely been to Sushi Kingdom right next door (great spot, by the way).

According to information posted by Facebook community group "A View From Evesham", Singas Famous Pizza is about to occupy the now-closed Mods Up Vapor Supply CBD shop, which closed its doors in 2020.

Right now Singas Famous Pizza mainly operates out of New York and North Jersey, so it's cool that they're making their way to South Jersey too.

And they take pizza seriously. As they should.

"Our unique sauce recipe and dough recipe have been consistent over time and stay true to our original flavors and crispy crust our customers love," their website reads.

"Singas prides itself on made-to-order menu items for each guest, served to each guest with the same personal attention."

They currently have 19 other locations, including in New Brunswick, Morrisville, and East Windsor NJ!

Menu items include wings, french fries, salad, burgers, sandwiches, and personal and signature pizzas. Check out their full menu HERE.

So it looks like Sushi Kingdom is about to get a little neighborly competition for the lunchtime/dinner rush!

What do you think? Would you like to see another pizza place open up at this location? If you've ever tried Singas Pizza, let us know your thoughts!

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