I am getting to the point in my life where I count every penny and when I notice any kind of fee that is out of the ordinary on my bills, I immediately give a call and find out what's going on. Well, I've never seen a little 90 cent fee on my phone bill, but apparently  it's costing New Jersey $1 billion! So what's this fee for? It supposed to be going to the 9-1-1 system.

However, according to reports  from the FCC, says that the money is not being utilized as much as it should be. Less than one-tenth of one percent of what was collected last year was actually used to upgrade the 911 systems in our state. Since 2004, $2 billion has been paid by New Jersey Residents and apparently, officials have been fighting to get that money. So where is it? What's it being used for? New Jersey isn't alone either, Montana, New York, Nevada, Rhode Island and West Virginia are all in the same boat as us. They're paying 90 cents in their phone bills and not seeing it being used either.




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