The Yardville community is mourning the loss of one of their own. Nelson Cheng, the owner of the Yardville Carvel Ice Cream shop, passed away yesterday (February 10th). He was only 67.

I saw the news on Facebook last night, and was absolutely amazed at how many local people were posting how terribly sad they are about Mr. Cheng's passing. Clearly, Mr. Cheng has made a huge impact in the community. I can feel their grief.

The comments from locals show how much he is loved:

Andrea - "Yardville is sad tonight. Thanks for the memories, Nelson."

Norma - "I'm so sad. Rest in peace, Mr. Nelson Cheng. Carvel will not be the same without you. My family will miss you."

Frank - "He was kind and great with the kids. I've been his customer for 30 years."

Kati - "So sad to hear Nelson, from the Yardville Carvel passed away. he was so kind, always asking how my parents were doing....he will be missed."

Denise - "He was the nicest man and made our family very happy."

Michele - "Heartbroken."

Ricardo - "He honestly made Yardville such a wonderful place to live in."

Wow. There are so many more comments and posts. The fact that so many people knew his name and felt such a connection to him is just amazing.

Mr. Cheng's son, Nicholas, confirmed his death, saying his dad was the hardest working human being of all time. He immigrated to the United States in 1978 with dreams of a better life. He worked in restaurants in the 80s, becoming co-owner and chef at Banzai on Quakerbridge Road in Hamilton in 1985. He was well loved there by many who would visit to celebrate special occasion, putting on a great show. In 1990, his dream of owning his own business came true, becoming the owner of a Carvel in Yardville, and well, the rest is history. His son posted, " He became a respected and noted member of the community. Nothing pleased him more than to see his regular customers day in and day out."

I didn't know you, Mr. Cheng, but, I wish I did. You seemed like one of a kind, and touched so many people's lives.

My condolences to the Cheng family, may Nelson rest in peace.

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